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  • Fast delivery in Europe
  • Various payment options
  • A Special Offer every Week!
  • FREE gift with every purchase of 25 Euro!

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Cannas; come in beautiful colors, they can be 1 to 2 meters high. The Mini Canna is very suitable for pots.

Lilies - Asiatic lilies; in various colors. Lilies make great cut flowers and do best in full sun.

Iris; has colorful flowers and is an excellent cut flower, you can also propagate the Iris in your garden.

Zantedeschia; gives a great atmosphere in your garden or in a large pot, they grow to a height of 1.20 to 1.50 and prefer sunny to partial shade.

Freesias; are perfect cut flowers, Freesias and Begonias come in various colors.

Anemone; are herbaceous perennial plants. This Coronaria Anemone can grow 20 to 40 cm. get high.

Begonias; you will find here in many beautiful colors. Begonias look great in borders, but they can certainly also be grown in pots.

Vegetable plants; come directly from the grower. You will find here asparagus and rhubarb plants.

Fruit plants; come directly from the grower. You will find strawberry plants, raspberries, blackberries and currants here.

Daylilies; come in various colors. You will enjoy it for months. The Daylily combines well with the Phlox, Hosta and Peony.

Hollyhocks; are beautiful summer bloomers that do beautifully along the wall or fence, but certainly do not look out of place in a border.

Poppy plants; come in different colors, this beautiful plant blooms year after year and can be combined well with the Lupine

Peony; should not be missing on the farm or romantic garden. The Peonies form great flowers and bloom for quite a long time.

Hostas; have beautiful large leaves and violet or white colored flowers. A big advantage, Hostas do well in the shade.

Lupine; are beautiful butterfly-attracting border plants. The Lupines are available in various colors. The Lupinus can be combined well with the Papaver plant

Garlic and onions; increase resistance to infections and fungi and lower blood pressure. Everyone uses Onions and Garlic in dishes.

Grass seed quality - High germination power with fast results. For shade lawn to playing grass. With recovery Grass 4 in 1 fast and a nice dense lawn.

Gladiolus is a genus of perennials from the iris family. The plants are also called sword lily.

Birdhouses and Nesting boxes for many birds. We have them in different shapes and sizes. Also order a feeding station and bird food directly.

Insects Hotels; For bees, butterflies... Place an Insect Hotel in a sunny spot towards the south and let insects hibernate in your garden.

KIXX Garden Gloves, the Garden Glove for the Hobbyist and Professional. Rock-solid quality for a small price!

Vegetable Seeds and Flower Seeds Collection, Order Online Affordable At Garden Select!

These garden supplies should not be missing in your garden.

View our quality KIXX Garden Gloves for Adults and Children, but also tools for the garden. Much more offer to come soon, stay tuned! www.123tuindomein.nl

Landscaping companies;

Are you looking for Spring bulbs such as Dahlias - Lilies - Begonias - Gladioli for small and large projects?

From January we can supply you with a wide and unique range in bulk packaging, especially for landscaping companies and municipalities, but you can now view our range and request a price list.

From September you can also come to us for bulk packaging of Autumn bulbs such as Tulips - Narcissus - Crocuses - Hyacinths - Allium.

If you have any questions about the possibilities we can offer you, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. contact@123tuindomein.nl

The Garden Select team wishes you a warm welcome to the largest and cheapest online garden center in the Netherlands and Belgium (123tuindomein.nl and 123tuindomein.be). We sell summer flowering bulbs in many colors and sizes of bulbs - tubers from Jubb Holland, such as Dahlia (Also organic Dahlias), Lily, Begonia, Canna, Iris, Freesia, Zantedeschia, Anemone in small and large packages cheap and affordable at affordable prices. In addition to spring bulbs / tubers - summer flowering bulbs, we also have autumn bulbs from Jubb Holland such as Tulips, Narcissus, Crocuses / Crocuses, Hyacinths, Allium, Blue Grapes, White Grapes, Anemone and Snowdrops. In addition, you can get the Amaryllis in the fall from Jubb Holland in various colors, red, white, pink, striped, nice as decoration. This beautiful Amaryllis does not look out of place during Christmas as a decoration or simply as a plant in the living room. The Amaryllis is easy to keep and blooms again and again after a rest period. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the Amaryllis to flower again. We have an incredible number of options for large and small gardens. Are you going to adjust your garden, do you have bare spots, where perhaps a beautiful perennial could grow in your garden, we have a wide range of quality and cheap perennials from Jubb Holland, at 123tuindomein.nl always the cheapest and cheapest. Choose from Peonies, Hollyhocks, Hostas, Lupine / Lupinus, Daylily, Poppy Plants, Phlox and more .. also available in bulk packaging. Perhaps you have a vegetable garden, then you have come to the right place at the largest online garden center of the benelux 123tuindomein.nl. We have a wide range of potatoes such as Bintje, Nicola, Frieslander, Bildstar, Eigenheimer and more ... You can also choose from a wide range of Onions and Garlic (Seed onions and Garlic) from Jubb Holland, delicious fresh onions and garlic from our own garden, everyone uses it in dishes. No vegetable garden without seeds and no fresh vegetables without a vegetable garden. Our extensive range of Buzzy and HRS seeds in vegetable garden seeds consists of Cabbage varieties from Buzzy and HRS (White cabbage, Red cabbage, Pointed cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Savoy cabbage, Kohlrabi, Palm cabbage), Leafy vegetables (Dutch lettuce, Spinach, Lamb's lettuce , Endive, Iceberg lettuce, Chicory) Tuberous tuber and Root vegetables from Buzzy and HRS such as Spring Onion, Carrot, Radish, Parsnip, Mirickroot, Red Beets, Celeriac. Stem vegetables from Buzzy and HRS such as Asparagus, Leek, Celery, Celery. Beans and Legumes such as Beans, Pods, Peas, Long beans. Fruit vegetables from Buzzy and HRS such as, Zucchini yellow and green, Tomatoes (beef tomato - cherry tomatoes - snack tomatoes. Bell peppers in red, yellow, purple, green, orange. Peppers. There are special HRS collections available especially for pots, these are special for the smaller garden or balcony. Are you organically landscaped and you want to live and eat responsibly, then view our range of Organic Seeds from Buzzy and create your own Organic Vegetable Garden. In addition to a wide range of vegetable garden seeds, we also have Exotic seeds from HRS - Exotic Vegetables - Exotic Herbs - Exotic Flowers. Various flower seeds, also flower mixtures for the small and large garden. What also fits perfectly in the vegetable garden are Vegetable plants such as Asparagus plants - White Asparagus - Purple Asparagus - Green Asparagus, Rhubarb Plants; Champagne Rhubarb - Blood Rhubarb or the Fruit plants such as Strawberry plants (Korona) Blackberry plant (Blackberry), Raspberry plant (Raspberry), Currant plant (Redcurrant). essional we have the perfect garden glove at affordable cheap prices. Our Gloves are from Kixx and that are rock-solid Garden Gloves at affordable prices, you will never want another glove, grab our Kixx with your online order at 123tuindomein.nl Bring gloves so that you always keep clean hands when working in the garden. Do you also like animals, we also have cheap Birdhouses and Squirrel Houses with birdseed and squirrel food in small and large quantities. We have special easy feeding stations for birds for Bird Food. If you want to let insects hibernate, view our range of Insects Hotels, these are suitable for ladybugs, butterflies, bees, wasps .... hang the Insect Hotel on the wall or on a tree in a somewhat sheltered place, also great for if you have an orchard. We offer many products from 123tuindomein.nl and 123tuindomein.be on bol.com and amazone, bol.com is the largest platform for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Belgium, so we also have our products here, such as the Collection Vegetable and Flower Seeds (Collection Easy Vegetables, Collection Forgotten Vegetables, Collection Oriental Vegetables, Collection Italian Vegetables, Collection Vegetables in Pots, Collection Herbs in Pots ... Bol.com and Amazone complete the total picture Garden Select would like to introduce you to the latest shopping experience. The largest Garden Center in the Netherlands and Belgium offers you everything for the garden and vegetable garden. Exotic Seeds - Exotic Vegetables - Exotic Flowers - Foreign Seeds - Foreign Vegetables - Birdhouses - Bird Nests - E squirrel houses - Feeding stations - Bird food - Squirrel food - Insects Hotels - Garden gloves from Kixx - Garden tools. In short, a great online store where you can shop cheaply and affordably and where you can find everything in 1 online store. Bol.com and Amazone, where we also sell our range, help to make Garden Select (123tuindomein.nl - 123tuindomein.be) a true success.